8 Helpful Digital Marketing Tips for Solicitors

    In today’s digital online world it is difficult to make your mark unless you have the proper marketing tools. We have taken the key stages any business aiming to be successful in the digital age should be thinking about, and summarised into 8 simple digital marketing tips.

    1. Establishing your presence online

    All businesses wishing to access digital markets need a central landing space which is invariably the company website. Make sure your website is up to date and creates the right impression about your firm. Whilst branching out into various social media platforms is important and will be discussed below, it is imperative to have a solid foundation before you start building up. Like building a house, one would never build the roof before you finish laying the bricks.

    2. Develop Lead Generation

    Through using various platforms and business marketing strategies, many solicitors firms can thrive in the digital age with ease. However it is important to note that it is not advised to be present on all social media platforms, unless you intend to manage them equally, because if you are not regularly active it actually creates a bad online impression. Work out which platforms will be beneficial to your firm and its strengths and concentrate on managing them well.

    3. Good Content

    It has been said that ‘Content is King’ in the digital age, and it is indeed one of the key factors in the on going success of your business online. In order to connect with your audience and create the right online impression, your content needs to be of a high standard and match your business aims. Good, applicable content will push you through to search engines and other marketing spaces that you need to access to be successful online.

    4. SEO

    By employing the use of search engine optimisation techniques, you can make the most of search engines effectively and draw traffic towards your firm. SEO is a tool that can only help your business rather than hinder and is something all businesses should be doing to make an impact in the digital age.

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    5. Social Media Marketing

    By using social media platforms to market your firm effectively, you can emphasise your online presence dramatically. Once you get the right target audience watching and listening to your social platforms, they automatically become interested in your services which will hopefully lead to increased custom.

    6. Blogs

    By creating high-quality online content, for example blogs, you are able to generate leads by speaking directly to your potential clients. By making your blogs interesting and engaging, particularly centred around current trending news and providing information about your services, you can easily gain a loyal a following and are more likely to attract new custom.

    7. Mobile friendly

    You only need to look around any public space in any city of the world and you will see that everyone is using their mobile phones. Whether it is for personal reasons, social reasons, business reasons or just to access the web whilst on the move; no one is ever far from their smart phone. It is important to ensure your firm's website and social media is accessible via mobile devices so you are not limiting your business only to computer-based platforms. As Google searches made on mobileoutnumber those from desktop, failing to provide a mobile friendly experience means failing to cater for potential clients.

    8. Conversion rate optimisation

    Whilst the main aim is to establish a strong web presence, once you're there you need to know what to do with it. It is important to understand which parts of your website are working well in attracting visitors and work to continue encouraging engagement. Strive to continually pursue cross-platform strategies that will attract visitors who may potentially become clients.

    As Google continues to change its algorithm to favour different types of content, pay per click advertising becomes increasingly competitive and client demand evolves; the work of a digital marketer becomes ever more varied. However, with these 8 simple digital marketing tips, Solicitors can lay a solid foundation on which to build the rest of their digital marketing strategy.

    The following quote from PWC's The Firm of the Future report effectively frames our digital marketing tips for Solicitors and highlights why digital strategy is so essential to the legal sector:

    The landscape is changing. Technology is enabling new firms to compete and undoubtedly for those firms embracing some of these technological changes, it is generating a competitive advantage. The case for IT investment has never been more compelling and firms will need to critically assess those areas that will make the most difference in their markets and to their client base.

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