A Step-by-Step Guide for Clients

    In this post and the video below we will give you a step-by-step guide to using LawBid and show you how to get the most out of your account.

    Step One

    First, you need to register by clicking on ‘Register’ in the banner at the top of the page. You will be presented with a form, simply fill in your details to get started.

    Once you are registered, it is time to post your first case.
    guide for clients step 1

    Start by giving your case a title. Include a small amount of information about your case in the title. Having a title that is relevant to your case is highly advantageous, so try, where possible, to sum up the specific service that you require in a few words. ‘Immigration advice’, ‘Bullying at work’ or ‘Residency order’ are examples of the type of title that you should try to use.

    Then select the radius as to how far you want to reach out to Solicitors. If travel is an issue, or you’d simply prefer a local solicitor, then be sure to set a small radius, so that only solicitors within your chosen perimeter will be reached out to. If locality is not a particular concern then you can set your radius as high as 100 miles or even nationwide.

    Now you need to enter a description of your case. Click ‘Next’ and enter your case description in the box on the right hand side. Be specific and clear as this will increase the likelihood of receiving bids from Solicitors.

    For confidentiality do not enter any of your private details such as your phone number or email address. Our registered solicitors will instead contact you securely through your dashboard.

    Step Two

    Now that your matter has been uploaded, click ‘submit’.

    You will receive an email to confirm that your case has been successfully posted.

    Solicitors from within your chosen area will now be able to view the details of your case and make bids to represent you through our secure portal.

    Your personal details like your full name, address and telephone number will remain completely confidential until you accept a bid on your case.

    Step Three

    From here you can sit back as the Solicitors come to you by way of a bid or a question.

    You will receive an email notification whenever a Solicitor bids on your case or when they ask you a question about the service you require. You can view these from the ‘My Cases’ section of your dashboard.

    If the bid is too high or you wish to accept it, then you can use the ‘Too High’ or ‘Accept’ buttons to inform the Solicitor.

    Finally once you have decided to accept a bid on your case your chosen Solicitor will be able to view your contact details and make direct contact with you.

    From this point on you will be in the capable hands of your chosen Solicitor and all further correspondence will take place directly between you and them. You will be able to arrange consultations with your chosen solicitor and get started working towards a solution for your matter.

    If you have a legal issue that you need help with, post your case today and experience a quicker and easier way to find a solicitor.

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