Digital Marketing Tools for Law Firms

    The importance of a digital marketing strategy is becoming increasingly evident to businesses, both big and small. This is because it has become essential to keep up with the ever rapidly changing customer behaviour if you want to succeed.

    If you’re new to the digital world for business, there are many useful tools that we could mention but here are just a few of our suggestions to help you get started:


    One of the most widely used platforms for managing social media. It allows you to track and monitor multiple streams of your different networks in one place. You can create lists that include the key words you choose. Thanks to this tool you can schedule any pre-drafted posts to go out at your preferred days and times. It allows you to analyse the performance of your profiles and posts, giving you more insight to take into account with your future content.

    An online graphic design platform that allows you to create anything from presentation slides, to flyers to Facebook covers. A much easier version of Photoshop and with a vast selection of free features allowing you to manipulate the design just the way you want it.

    google analytics
    An analytical tool that allows you to measure your sales and conversions. It also provides you with information such as how those visiting your website found it, how long for, and how they use it, giving you data insight on how to keep them coming back and improve the customer’s experience.

    A URL ‘shortener’ so that your social media posts look neater and invite more people to click. It is also a click reporting tool, tracking to show how much traffic to your website came from that post.

    Do you already use digital marketing tools for your business? Tell us your favourites by commenting below or tweet us at @LawBidUK.

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