Fines Loom For Transparency Non Compliance

    There is a stark reminder this month in the Law Society Gazette for firms regarding compliance with the SRA transparency rules which were implemented almost 3 years ago now.

    The SRA is now in the process of writing to around 8000 firms requesting confirmation that they are complying with the rules, meaning firms’ compliance officers must confirm that their website is in full compliance of the rules and display the SRA clickable logo.

    Firms must complete a mandatory declaration, even firms who do not have a website are required to complete the declaration, and the deadline for completion is looming on 27 August 2021.

    How we can help

    We have been helping firms nationwide to comply with SRA transparency rules and complete the statutory Declaration.

    • Our expert compliance team will undertake a comprehensive review of your website, identifying any areas of non-compliance with SRA transparency rules and advising you of the remedial action required to ensure you can complete your declaration by the deadline date.

    With the global turmoil of the last 18 months, many firms have not yet had the opportunity to address this important issue however time is running out in order to avoid SRA fines of up to £2000 for non-compliance.

    Contact our team today to obtain your website compliance review at a reduced rate of only £50 per website.

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