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    Pro Bono legal services are those provided for free by legal professionals for the benefit of the public. They are targeted at the most vulnerable members of society, for whom justice may feel like something which excludes them. Justice should be equal and available to all, which is why Pro Bono is so vital to the legal sector and an integral part of the LawBid framework.

    Pro Bono and The Law Society

    Pro Bono work is an ever-important topic for the Law Society, whose Pro Bono Manual and Charter set out the commitment they and the legal sector must have for Pro Bono legal advice. The manual details suggestions that firms should plan their Pro Bono and put in place a framework for regularly offering free legal services. This is where LawBid can be a great help to firms. By signing up to LawBid and ticking our ‘Pro Bono’ box, firms can stay informed about all of the relevant Pro Bono cases available in the local area, ensuring a steady supply of cases.

    We recognise that in our current climate, free legal advice plays a more important role than ever before in the make-up of the legal and justice systems. With cuts in legal aid the availability of State aid for legal services is greatly diminished and, as a consequence, law professionals must do their bit to provide their services for free to those in need, on a regular basis.

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    LawBid and Pro Bono Services

    At LawBid we believe vehemently in the public good of Pro Bono work, and therefore we encourage and facilitate Pro Bono work through our site. Pro Bono cases are unlimited, which enables solicitors to find as many pro bono clients as they wish, without any cost to them whatsoever. In this way we are pairing those in need of legal support with local lawyers at no charge, to provide solicitors with clients and free legal services for those in need, with the ease and simplicity of our portal.

    Our Pro Bono feature is just another way in which we are meeting the needs of the legal sector in the modern age.

    LawBid is an online service which connects clients and solicitors with a system of bidding on submitted cases.

    Do you or your firm provide legal services pro bono? Head to your account and amend your preferences to let us know. Alternatively, if you are not yet registered, create your account and join a nationwide community of forward thinking legal professionals today.

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