Why a good Bio is important

    We know that potential clients using LawBid are more likely to hire legal professionals whose bio's are clear and informative. It is important to periodically check and update your LawBid bio as this is your shop window on display to prospective clients.

    When you have a detailed and fully completed profile, customers will see a clear summary of your business. It is imperative to keep your bio up-to-date for the best chance of making a great first impression, and securing new clients.

    Your firm’s bio should be a mid-length description of your firm and yourself too if you like, but it needn’t be complicated it just needs context on who you are and what you do.

    You could include:

    1. Your firm’s name
    2. Your own name, if you wish
    3. Your firm's logo or your own headshot
    4. Your firm’s areas of specialism and experience
    5. Include anything you’d include in a professional bio for your firm, but feel free to personalise it with a few personal details.

    Remember; first impressions count. Your bio is typically the first impression that a prospective client will have of your firm. Your bio provides the best opportunity to increase your visibility and credibility and highlights your firm’s specialism’s, skills and abilities in a busy marketplace.

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